12 Volt Battery, 100AH, Maintenance Free Sealed

12 Volt Battery, 100AH, Maintenance Free Sealed

Item # 1A-12CEA100

  • Commercial-grade 12-volt sealed, deep cycle battery does what the others DO NOT DO.
  • 100 AH, 12 Volts
  • 65 pounds. Dimensions: 12.0L x 6.62W x 8.31H
Manufacturer #: 1A-12CEA100
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  • Avoid OSHA $$$ + Lawsuits
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Instant start, longer charges, constant reliability & no $$$ OSHA and-or work-comp claims associated with staff refilling and maintaining traditional batteries. Buying new batteries because the guy "forgot" to fill them with water…gets old to hear & $$$ expensive to constantly buy new batteries.

Change can be tough…for those who do comes success & bigger rewards.

A universal fit and charge profile, makes this a top choice for: floor cleaning machines, golf carts, electric vehicles, marine & RVs, aerial lifts, stationary generators, material handling machines, etc.

Intelligent, mobile, commercial-grade battery. This battery includes: standard post terminals and Anderson SB-50 small gray plug.

Call us at 800-647-2737 if you need different terminal or plug-type. Rugged, heavy-duty outer case protects under toughest and nastiest conditions.

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