Wet Mop, Blend, White, 1" Band

Wet Mop, Blend, White, 1" Band

Item # 1A-00582

  • When getting it done right the first time matters. Wet Mop is a professional-grade rugged blended mop with cut ends and 1" band for gripper mop handles
  • Wrings clean every time for long-lasting use
  • Ideal from basic tile floors, to concrete, tile, and stone
  • Get it done fast. Get it done right
Manufacturer #: 1A-00582
  • Blasts It Faster
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ProPower = Blasts Nastiest Crud + Crap

Mopping Floor Sucks

Treat Your Staff to Better Tools + Gear  

Whimpy and cheapy floor cleaning mops and tools make an already sucky job . . . way, way worse than it needs to be.  Step up and give your staff better a more powerful mop that blasts away the nastiest crud and crap without arm-aching agony.  

  For Use On Floors  
-  Tile
-  Concrete
-  Stone
-  Rubber
-  Laminate
-  Terrazzo
-  Marble
-  Granite
-  Wood + Bamboo

Launderable and reusable for a longer life too. 

White.  Blended cotton and rayon for power + longer-use.  Cut ends for tight corners.  For use with all types and brands of mop handles available here. 

When you just need it done right . . . and faster . . . the first time.

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