TC® AutoFaucet® w/Infrared Sensors

TC® AutoFaucet® - Faucet Only

TC® AutoFaucet® w/Infrared Sensors

The automatic no-touch infrared sensors eliminates cross-contamination. 70% water savings. Patented cam gear technology controls water flow and eliminates sticking solenoid valves that cause dripping. All mechanical and electrical components are housed in the spout making installation simple. SmartSensor top mount location designed according to ergonomic studies ensures natural and reliable usage. Automatically adjusts sensor distance. ADA compliant. 3 year warranty fully guaranteed against defects in parts and workmanship.

TECH500343 TC® AutoFaucet® Unit - 4" Cover Plate

TECH500422 TC® AutoFaucet® Unit - 4" w/Main Supply Hose

TECH500347 TC® AutoFaucet® Unit - 8" Cover Plate

TECH500424 TC® AutoFaucet® Unit - 8" w/Main Supply Hose

TECH401280 TC® AutoFaucet® - Faucet Only

TECH500420 TC® AutoFaucet® Unit - Main Supply Hose

TECH500426 TC® AutoFaucet® Unit - Mixing Valve & All Hoses