Scotch-Brite® Surface Preparation Pads

Scotch-Brite™ Surface Preparation Pad - 14" x 20"

Scotch-Brite® Surface Preparation Pads

Floor Pros Just Know . . . .

Tons Work + Time + Effort . . . 

Avoidable with 3M Surface Prep Pads !

3M Scotch Brite surface prep pads are a specially engineered square floor pad that removes toughest floor sealer, floor finish and floor wax . . . WITHOUT the nasty hassle of using harsh chemical strippers.

Just use a basic neutral cleaner . . . or even just water . . . to blast away old finish and sealer from tile floors, concrete floors, marble floors, granite floors, terrazzo floors, hardwood floors, etc.

Top Users:  Hospitals, Schools, Universities, Airports, Stadiums, Theaters, Museums, Churches, Manufacturing Plants, Nursing Homes, Fitness Centers, Amusement Parks, Zoos, Resorts + Hotels, Restaurants, Automotive, Grocery, Deli, Fire Departments, Military, etc.

Chemical floor finish stripper remover is among the nastiest + messiest + harshest chemicals there are . . . avoiding it's use saves 70% time refinishing and recoating floors not to mention avoiding OSHA $$$ fines and lawsuits associated with staff injuries using chemical stripper.  

If you use a neutral cleaner, rinse floor with water before applying floor finish, floor wax or floor sealer.  If you use water . . . you can skip that step!

14" x 20" rectangular floor pads.  Maroon.  10 longer lasting pads per case.

When you just need it done right . . . and faster . . . the first time.

3M-02590 Scotch-Brite™ Surface Preparation Pad - 14" x 20"
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3M-29592 Scotch-Brite™ Surface Preparation Pad - 20"
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