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SCA Tork® Universal Quality 2-Ply Jumbo Roll Bath Tissue

SCA Tork® Universal Quality 2-Ply Jumbo Roll Bath Tissue

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Jumbo Toilet Paper (EcoLogo), 2 ply

This junior jumbo toilet paper is EcoLogo & EPA certified for green and LEED buildings. 100% recycled. 40% post-consumer. Fits all standard jumbo dispensers. Kind & gentle softness offers "we care" image. 1000' per roll = almost 5 standard rolls. 9" roll.

Manufacturer Item #: 1A-11293G
Non-Allergenic Others: $57.95/CS Express: $27.27/CS

Jumbo Toilet Paper, 2ply, Truckload Discount

Each case contains 12 rolls of 2ply ultra-soft jumbo (9") toilet paper. White with Delicate Embossing. 1435 cases. 1 semi-truck contains 1435 cases.

Manufacturer Item #: 1A-11293GFTL
Others: $69,118.50/FT Express: $37,361.35/FT

SCA Tork® Universal Quality 1-Ply Jumbo Roll Bath Tissue

Delivers value and performance. Rapid break-up capability is ideal for all plumbing system. EcoLogo® Certified. Roll Width: 3.55; Roll Diameter: 8.8". White. T22 System.

Manufacturer Item #: TJ0912A
Green & LEED Others: $66.20/CS Express: $37.83/CS

GP Acclaim® 1 Ply Jr. Jumbo 9" Bath Tissue - 3.5" x 2,000'

Georgia Pacific 13718 Acclaim Jumbo Bath Tissue. When your image matters...

Manufacturer Item #: 13718
Top Picks Others: $47.25/CS Express: $40.50/CS

GP Envision® 2 Ply Jumbo Jr Bath Tissue - White

Georgia Pacific 12798 Jumbo Junior bathroom tissue is ultra soft and absorbent . . . unlike like others that feel like sand paper. Top choice of up-scale: Class A Offices, Hospitals, Universities & Schools, Resorts & Hotels, Airports, etc. 

Manufacturer Item #: 12798
Non-Allergenic Others: $65.33/CS Express: $39.20/CS

Scott® 100% Recycled JRT Jr Bath Tissue - 3.55" x 1000'

Made with 100% recycled fiber. Meets EPA standards for minimum post consumer waste content.

Manufacturer Item #: 067805
Non-Allergenic Others: $138.16/CS Express: $85.75/CS