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SCA Tork® Premium Extra Soft Matic® Hand Roll Towel

SCA Tork® Premium Extra Soft Matic® Hand Roll Towel

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SCA Tork® Advanced Matic® Hand Towel Roll - 7.7" x 700'

SCA Tork 290089 white advanced roll towel dispenses up to 1050 towels per roll, unlike others that give far less. Ultra soft and asborbent, this is towel is ideal where customers and employees value image. Like it or not, others define your company by how well (or horribly) you keep your bathrooms. 

Manufacturer Item #: 290089
Non-Allergenic Others: $101.69/CS Express: $55.47/CS

SCA Tork® Advanced Soft Hand Towel Roll - 7.7" x 900'

SCA Tork 290095 Advanced Soft Hand Towel Roll. When your image matters...

Manufacturer Item #: 290095
Slash Paper Costs Others: $151.18/CS Express: $75.59/CS

SCA Tork® Universal Quality Matic® Hand Towel Roll

SCA Tork 290088 green nautral paper roll towels fit any standard roll towel bathroom dispenser. LEED and Green Seal Certified eco-friendly towels. Unlike other cheap towels that tab, break apart, etc., Tork towels are durable yet kind to hands. When clean hands matter . . . .

Manufacturer Item #: 290088
Non-Allergenic Others: $105.58/CS Express: $60.33/CS