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KC Kimtech® Prep Wiper For Bleach Disinfectant/Sanitizers

KC Kimtech® Prep Wiper For Bleach Disinfectant/Sanitizers

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GP Brawny Industrial® AccuWipe® Surface System Refill

The AccuWipe® Surface System Bucket, in conjunction with the Brawny Industrial® Surface System Wiper (29700), allows users to add their preferred disinfectant or sanitizer creating their own hard surface wet wipes. Replacing open buckets and spray bottles used with cloth will help create a safer disinfecting alternative.

Manufacturer Item #: 29700
** Sale Clearance ** Others: $127.88/CS Express: $51.15/CS

Ecolab® Asepti Wipe II Cleaner/Disinfectant Wipe - 180 ct.

Ecolab 63306725 Asepti Wipes II are hospital-grade premoistened wipes disinfects critical surfaces attacking dangerous bacteria and viruses that cause illness and even death. More convenient and efficient than a rag and disinfectant spray, these disposable disinfectant wipes attack and remove "bugs" such as MRSA, Staph, Ecoli, C.Diff, HIV, Herpes, Herpes, Hong Kong Flu, Bird Flu, Influenza, Hepatitus and other labeled pathogens. You have moral and ethical duty to protect those who can't protect themselves . . . they're depending on you to do what's right.  Top Choice: hospitals (TV remote, Telephone, Bed rails, etc.), nursing homes, schools and other places where sick, young and older individuals are most vulnerable.

Manufacturer Item #: 63306725
>> Attacks Contamination << Others: $231.23/CS Express: $132.13/CS

Clorox Healthcare® Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Disinfectant

Clorox 30824 Hydrogen Peroxide Hospital and Nursing Home professional disinfectant wipes attack and kill dangerous bacteria and viruses that threaten the lives of the young, old and sick. Don't shirk your morale and ethical responsibility to protect the health and lives of others by cleaning to kill. If you fail to take this responsibility seriously, that's a shameful disregard for the health and safety of others. Don't be that unthoughtful and uncaring person . . . your work and your job matters greatly. Kudos to you for taking that role with pride and professionalism.

Manufacturer Item #: 30824
>> Attacks Contamination << Others: $76.73/CS Express: $40.92/CS

Clorox® Healthcare™ Bleach Germicidal Wipes - 70 ct.

Clorox 35309 Germicidal wipes attack and destroy dangerous viruses and bacterial that threaten the lives of the young, old and sick. You have a moral and ethical duty to protect others . . . who can't protect themselves, especially from dangerous "bugs" that can't be seen. Convenient pre-moistened wipes easily and quickly dispense, allowing you to quickly destroy and kill the invisible threats on equipment, door knobs, railings, etc. Ideal for hospitals, doctor's offices, gyms, workout facilities, schools, etc. where stopping transmission of viruses, bacteria and c.diff spores is paramount. When getting it done right the first time matters . . . .

Manufacturer Item #: 35309
Top Picks Others: $112.49/CS Express: $72.31/CS

Diversey Oxivir® Tb (U.S.) Disinfectant Cleaner - 160 ct.

Diversey 4599516 Oxivir wipes are commercial-grade TB disinfectant wipes quickly & conveniently attack dangerous viruses, bacteria and spores that threaten the lives of the young, elderly and sick. You have a moral and ethical duty to protect those who can't protect themselves . . . do it right for them.  Top choice:  hospitals terminal cleaning, nursing homes, schools, universities, day cares, fitness centers and all other places where daily disinfecting is critical.

Manufacturer Item #: 4599516
> C-Diff & MRSA Removal < Others: $269.11/CS Express: $173.00/CS

Kimberly-Clark® Kimtech WETTASK Wiper For Solvents

For the WETTASK system. These wipers feature a strong hydroknit base sheet for saturated wiping with solvents and detergents. 12" W x 12.5" L. Free disposable Wettask® Bucket in each case.

Manufacturer Item #: 006001
Others: $88.80/CS Express: $53.28/CS