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GP AccuWipe® Recycled 1 Ply Delicate Task Wiper -15"x16.7"

GP AccuWipe® Recycled 1 Ply Delicate Task Wiper -15"x16.7"

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GP AccuWipe® Light Duty Technical Cleaning Wiper-10"x12.5"

Delivers low-lint, low-contaminant performance across a variety of industries and diverse applications. Non-abrasive. White 1 ply wipers offer superior conformity. Anti-static dispensing polyshield minimizes electro static.

Manufacturer Item #: 29734-03
** Sale Clearance ** Others: $107.20/CS Express: $42.88/CS

KC Kimtech Prep Kimtex® 1/4 Fold Wiper - 12.5"x13", Blue

Low-lint polypropylene construction. Perfect for use with grease and oils. Great for cleaning and prep on surfaces and parts. Acid-, base- and solvent-resistant. Use dispenser: 09107.

Manufacturer Item #: 033560
Express: $104.34/CS

KC Science Kimwipes® Delicate Task Wiper - White (15/140)

Available in various sizes. Absorbent, easily wipes up liquid and dust. Gentle, won't scratch delicate surfaces. Wipes clean, extra low-lint and extractable performance. Kimtech Science for laboratory environments.

Manufacturer Item #: 034256
Others: $193.31/CS Express: $115.99/CS