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GP Signature® 2-Ply Premium C-Fold Paper Towel

GP Signature® 2-Ply Premium C-Fold Paper Towel

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Natural Eco Multi Folded Towels

Natural Eco Multi Folded Towels 25010G are an ultra soft and absorbent restroom hand drying towel.

Manufacturer Item #: 1A-25010G
Non-Allergenic Others: $40.65/CS Express: $23.23/CS

GP Acclaim® C-Fold Paper Towel - 10.1" x 13.2"

Georgia Pacific 20603 Acclaim C Fold paper towels are a professional-grade, ultra absorbent folded towel for restrooms.  Unlike whimpy cheapy folded towels that "tab" (leaving all those ugly small pieces of paper all over the floor) . . .  or, that come out in fist-fulls wasting way, way too much $$$ . . . GP C Fold towels are ideal.  Fit any brand or type of standard restroom folded towel dispenser, such as Bobrick, ASI, Bradly, etc.  

Manufacturer Item #: 20603
Non-Allergenic Others: $54.86/CS Express: $40.64/CS

GP Envision® 1 Ply C-Fold Towel

Georgia Pacific 25190 Envision C-Fold Towel. When your image matters...

Manufacturer Item #: 25190
Biodegradable Others: $56.58/CS Express: $40.41/CS