Toilet Tissue, 2ply, Truckload Discount

Item # GP-198800160

  • Each case contains 80 rolls of 2ply ultra-soft toilet paper, each with 550 sheets per roll.
  • White with Delicate Embossing.
  • 600 cases
  • 1 semi-truck contains 600 cases
Manufacturer #: GP-198800160
  • Green & LEED
  • Bulk Discount
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If you use 600 cases or more of toilet paper a year, you should be buying a truckload to pocket savings of up to 50% … do the easy math! Georgia-Pacific 19880-01 is green and EPA compliant premium ultra-soft 2ply embossed toilet paper meets recycling requirements: 20% post-consumer fiber and 100% minimum total recycled content. Fits all standard toilet paper dispensers. Ideal for corporate offices, schools, universities, stadiums, hotels, resorts and other high-traffic buildings. Unlike other toilet papers that cause expensive clogs, this is safe for all standard sewer and septic systems. When your image, brand and the environment matter. Toilet paper is conveniently loaded onto pallets for fast off-loading and easy storage and stacking.