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Ecolab® Solid Power XL w/GlassGuard™ - 9 lb.

Ecolab® Solid Power XL w/GlassGuard™ - 9 lb.

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Ecolab® Solitaire® - 2/5 lb.

Ecolab 10884 Solitaire Geosystem 9000 is a commercial-strength, power dish washing detergent that blasts nastiest crud & crap . . . unlike the whimpy cheapy dish detergents that leave disgusting bits of nastiness behind . . . protect your most valuable, your hard-earned image and reputation.  Or, watch customers quietly spread the word about you or Execs will begin to pay attention to your work for all the wrong reasons.  Neither result, is worth it.  Patented GeoFusion® technology, featuring Titrex-7™, ensures maximum cleaning power from shape-coded, color-coded, non-caustic blocks. Each concentrated block delivers powerful cleaning results for an extended number of warewashing cycles. Top Choice:  Restaurants, Resorts & Hotels, Hospitals, Grocery, Stadiums, Universities, Schools, Military, etc.  When your image & reputation matters more . . . .

Manufacturer Item #: 10884
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