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Ecolab® Phazer Monostar Floor Finish - 2 Gal.

Ecolab® Phazer Monostar Floor Finish - 2 Gal.

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Ecolab® Phazer Medium Frequency Floor Finish - 2 Gal.

Intended for the moderate maintenance environment and balances high initial gloss and fast and easy repair.

Manufacturer Part #: 64895733
** On Sale Clearance ** Others:$245.87/CS Wholesale:$122.93/CS

Ecolab® Phazer Sealer Finish - 2 Gal.

Promotes adhesion on porous floor substrates while maintaining good durability and gloss, this formulation is ideal for terrazzo flooring. Burnish as needed. Applied through the Phazer Mobil Floor Care System.

Manufacturer Part #: 64895757
Ginormous Time Saver Others:$270.10/CS Wholesale:$130.96/CS

Ecolab® Phazer Stratus Floor Finish - 2 Gal.

Floor finish with unbeatable durability designed for daily burnishing. Exceptional gloss, clarity, soil resistance and burnish response.

Manufacturer Part #: 64895911
Ginormous Time Saver Others:$259.24/CS Wholesale:$145.83/CS

Ecolab® Phazer® Multi 25™ Floor Finish - 2 Gal.

Eliminate up to half the work with this 25% solids, medium frequency floor finish. Designed for a weekly burnished program. Offers food initial gloss and durability. Replaces up to two coats of conventional floor finish.

Manufacturer Part #: 64895701
** On Sale Clearance ** Others:$266.87/CS Wholesale:$133.43/CS