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Ecolab® Lemon-Eze® - 32 oz.

Ecolab® Lemon-Eze® - 32 oz.

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Azul® Annihilate Degreaser/Cleaner - Gal.

Puro Azul AZ-036575 Annihilate degreaser cleaner is a commercial-strength, super concentrate saves your big $$$ . . . each gallon makes 64 gallons of power floor degreaser. Unlike others, Azul Annihilate gets it done right the first time . . . .

Manufacturer Part #: AZ-036575
Ginormous Time Saver Others:$26.67/GL Wholesale:$11.43/GL 4/CS

Azul® Citrus OrganiCleaner Spray Cleaner - 24 oz.

Puro Azul AZ-036538R Citrus organicleaner spray cleaner is a citrus spray cleaner uses orange force power to blast nastiest crud and grease from any washable surface.

Manufacturer Part #: AZ-036538R
Top Picks Others:$10.45/EA Wholesale:$2.99/EA 12/CS

Azul® Delicate Delimer Descaler Concentrate - Gal.

Puro Azul AZ-037800 Delicate delimer and descaler concentrate does one thing better than the rest: no arm-aching and back-breaking scrubbing! Azul lime scale remover penetrates and liquifies hard water calcium build up, soap scum, rust stains and other crud . . . the first time. No arm fatigue or back fatigue with Azul.

Manufacturer Part #: AZ-037800
Ginormous Time Saver Others:$40.00/GL Wholesale:$13.33/GL 4/CS

Azul® OrganiClean All Surface Spray & Wipe Cleaner - Qt.

Puro Azul AZ-035174 OrganiClean All Surface Spray & Wipe Cleaner blasts nastiest crud and grease from any washable surface. Most importantly, it's kind to humans and pets.

Manufacturer Part #: AZ-035174
Green & LEED Others:$97.50/CS Wholesale:$27.86/CS

Azul® PureView Glass & Surface Spray - 24 oz.

Puro Azul AZ-037604R Pureview Glass & Surface spray lifts the toughest crud and grime leaving a brilliant and streak-free shine. Let others know your pride in doing a job well-done. 

Manufacturer Part #: AZ-037604R
Biodegradable Others:$8.35/EA Wholesale:$1.86/EA 12/CS

Azul® PureView Glass & Surface Spray - Gal.

Puro Azul 037611 Pureview Glass & Surface spray lifts the toughest crud and grime leaving a brilliant and streak-free shine. Let others know your pride in doing a job well-done.

Manufacturer Part #: AZ-037611
Top Picks Others:$20.50/GL Wholesale:$4.56/GL 4/CS

Azul® St. Will's Polish Precious Metals - Qt.

Puro Azul AZ-037723 St. Will's Polish Precious Metals. Choice of professional artisans to protect and restore the luster and glamor of fine expensive metals . . . ranging from sterling silverware, platters, sculptures, railings, etc. Ideal to effectively and safely restore: gold, platinum, copper, brass, bronze, copper, etc.

Manufacturer Part #: AZ-037723
Top Picks Others:$17.88/QT Wholesale:$7.94/QT 12/CS

Azul® Staphicide & MRSA Surface Disinfectant Cleaner - Qt.

Puro Azul AZ-033200 Staphicide disinfectant spray and MRSA surface disinfectant cleaner attacks dangerous viruses, pathogens and bacteria that theaten lives of children, eldery and the sick. Specially engineered, you can't always count on "looks clean" is actually clean . . . just ask a hospital patient or family member of someone who went in for a basic procedure . . . and became one of the 100,000 people who die every year from HAIs. You have a moral and ethical duty to protect those who can't protect themselves . . . from such deadly things as norovirus, staph, MRSA, Cdiff, ecoli, salmonella, HIV, HBV, etc. While not all can be prevented, some can. Staphicide antibacterial spray and MRSA disinfectant cleaner attacks the danger you can't see or smell. While not all can be prevented, some can. 

Manufacturer Part #: AZ-033200
> C-Diff & MRSA Removal < Others:$17.50/EA Wholesale:$5.00/EA 12/CS

Azul® ToiletPro Gel Bowl Cleaner & Deodorizer - Qt.

Puro Azul 035602 ToiletPro gel bowl cleaner and deodorizer destroys the toughest icky crud, hardwater and rust stains . . . without all the arm-aching and back-breaking scrubbing others make you endure. Also, it's subtle scent leaves bathrooms smelling clean. Like it or not, you're judged by customers, employees and your boss by how clean your restrooms are . . . show your pride. 

Manufacturer Part #: AZ-035602
>> Stops Contamination << Others:$9.80/EA Wholesale:$3.27/EA 12/CS

Azul® ToiletPro NABC Lilac Scent - Qt.

Puro Azul AZ-035502R Lilac Scented ToiletPro NABC toilet bowl cleaner removes icky crud, hardwater, rust stains and other gunk . . . without all the arm-aching and back-breaking scrubbing others make you do. Suble soothly and pleasant scent lets everyone know it's clean. When your image matters...

Manufacturer Part #: AZ-035502R
>> Stops Contamination << Others:$66.67/CS Wholesale:$28.57/CS

Ecolab® Gel Pro Bathroom Cleaner - 16 oz.

Ecolab 6100574 Gel Pro 50 Bathroom & Shower cleaner attacks and lifts ugly mildew stains, soap scum and hardwater buildup from grout and tile. Sticky gel clings to grout and tile to lift crud with minimal back-breaking scrubbing. When you need it done right the first time, use Gel Pro grout cleaner. Where Unsung Heroes Make It Happen . . . You.

Manufacturer Part #: 6100574
Ginormous Time Saver Others:$22.50/EA Wholesale:$12.86/EA 12/CS

Diversey Emerel™ Crème Cleanser Blue - 32 oz.

Diversey 94995295 Emerel cream cleanser is a commercial-strength, mild acid formula that quickly removes hard water deposits, grease, soap scum, scuff marks and other stubborn spots and build-up without scratching the surface. White in color with a fresh scent.  Safe and effection on porcelain, ceramic, stainless steel, and chrome. Also use on Formica® and fiberglass.   Top choice:  Hospitals, Class A Offices, Resorts & Hotels, Nursing Homes, Universities, Restaurants, Stadiums, Museums, Military, etc.  Tell the execs you take great pride in a job well done.  Your doomed if you forget to pay attention to the little details that matter.  12 per case.  When your image & reputation matters more . . . .

Manufacturer Part #: 94995295
Ginormous Time Saver Others:$99.02/CS Wholesale:$59.41/CS

Diversey Emerel® Plus Crème Cleanser - 32 oz.

Diversey 4496138 Emerel Plus Cream Cleanser brightens and restores surfaces you need and want to look superb . . . after all, if you don't give a hoot about your image, others will then think you don't care about your job. And, you don't need that if you want to continue working. When your image matters . . . .

Manufacturer Part #: 4496138
** On Sale Clearance ** Others:$112.44/CS Wholesale:$50.60/CS