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NSS® Hi-Up Extension Tube Kit

NSS® Hi-Up Extension Tube Kit

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NSS 2291211 Aluminum Connector wand is a commercial-grade, rugged and light weight NSS 5" vacum tube connector.  When commercial grade durability matters...

Top Picks Retail:$36.00/EA Wholesale:$19.64/EA

NSS® 12" Carpet Tool w/Milled Manganese Shoe

NSS 3091079 M1 Pig carpet vacum tool is a rugged, commercial-grade tool attachment for ultra powerful and faster carpet vacuuming using NSS Pig vacum cleaners.  Quickly and easily attaches to end of M1 Pig vacum hose and wand.  Vacuming is not exactly a fun chore . . . but, having the right tools gets the job done much, much faster . . . so things look awesome . . . that's the kind of work attention you want from Execs and others!  When your image and reputation matters more . . . . 

Manufacturer Part #: 3091079
Ginormous Time Saver Retail:$486.97/EA Wholesale:$194.79/EA

NSS® 12" Carpet Tool w/Zinc Aluminum Shoe

Heavy weight allows deeper penetration into carpet nap. For low profile (short height), tight weave, commercial type carpeting.

Manufacturer Part #: 3092139
Ginormous Time Saver Retail:$619.70/EA Wholesale:$198.30/EA

NSS® 12" Lint Lifter Carpet Tool

For Model M-1 "Pig" portable vacuum.

Manufacturer Part #: 3097009
Ginormous Time Saver Retail:$527.33/EA Wholesale:$210.93/EA

NSS® 3" Round Dusting Brush

For Model M-1 "Pig" portable vacuum.

Manufacturer Part #: 3091859
Ginormous Time Saver Retail:$161.67/EA Wholesale:$71.85/EA

NSS® 7" Shelf Brush

For general shelf dusting.

Manufacturer Part #: 3091989
Ginormous Time Saver Retail:$170.33/EA Wholesale:$75.70/EA

NSS® Basic Carpet Kit

Consists of an aluminum wand, 10-foot super flex hose, and 12" carpet tool with a plain aluminum shoe.

Manufacturer Part #: 3093619
Ginormous Time Saver Retail:$777.37/EA Wholesale:$300.92/EA

NSS® Deluxe Dry Carpet & Overhead Cleaning Kit

Includes 12" lint lifter carpet tool, (1) 1/2" x 10' super flex hose, 28" crevice tool, 7" shelf brush, HI-Up extension tube kit, aluminum wand. 3" round dusting brush, 5" aluminum connector. For Model M-1 "Pig" portable vacuum.

Manufacturer Part #: 3093909
Ginormous Time Saver Retail:$1,554.43/EA Wholesale:$601.72/EA

NSS® Dry Pick Up Carpet Kit

Includes an aluminum wand, 10-foot super flex hose, 12" carpet tool with milled manganese shoe, crevice tool, 5" aluminum connector. Also includes 3" round brush with nylon bristles.

Manufacturer Part #: 3093759
Ginormous Time Saver Retail:$928.97/EA Wholesale:$359.60/EA

NSS® Plastic Crevice Tool For 1 1/2" Hose - 1 1/2" x 12"

Manufacturer Part #: 3092281
Top Picks Retail:$38.67/EA Wholesale:$18.56/EA

NSS® Plastic Crevice Tool For 1 1/2" Hose - 1 1/2" x 28"

Manufacturer Part #: 3092311
Ginormous Time Saver Retail:$73.37/EA Wholesale:$32.61/EA