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Ecolab® Oasis® Lavender Paradise Room Refresher - 2 L

Ecolab® Oasis® Lavender Paradise Room Refresher - 2 L

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Ecolab® Oasis Pro™ Laundry Fresh Room Refresher - 2 L

Ecolab 6100136 Oasis Pro Laundry Fresh room refresher is a professional, commercial-grade air freshener that attacks the nastiest and foul odors when you need it done fast: smoke, pet smells, urine smells, mildew odors, vomit smell, etc. Ideal for Resorts & Hotels, Class A Office Buildings, Universities & Schools, Stadiums, Theaters, Hospitals, etc. Protect your most valuable image . . . your hard-earned clean image.

Manufacturer Part #: 6100136
Ginormous Time Saver Retail:$409.69/CS Wholesale:$237.88/CS

Ecolab® Oasis Pro™ ZephAir™ Air & Fabric Refresher

Ecolab 69100133 Oasis Pro ZephAir Fabric Refresher. When your image matters...

Manufacturer Part #: 6100133
Ginormous Time Saver Retail:$595.73/CS Wholesale:$345.91/CS

Ecolab® Oasis® Clean Escape Room Refresher - 2 L

Neutralize odors while providing a pleasant and subtle, yet lasting scent.

Manufacturer Part #: 6100831
Ginormous Time Saver Retail:$402.24/CS Wholesale:$233.56/CS

Ecolab® Oasis® Clean Escape Room Refresher - 2.5 Gal.

Neutralize odors while providing a pleasant and subtle, yet lasting scent.

Manufacturer Part #: 6100830
** Sale Clearance ** Retail:$449.89/CS Wholesale:$202.45/CS

Ecolab® Oasis® Morning Breeze Room Refresher - 2.5 Gal.

Ecolab 6100141 Oasis room refresher is a commercial-grade odor neutralizer that attacks the nastiest horrid & foul odors . . . fast when you need to turn around a room. Top Choice: Resorts & Hotels, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Universities, etc. Unlike whimpy air freshners . . . Oasis Morning Breeze attacks but does NOT overpower and overwhelm people. Execs, staff and customers will take notice of your work. 

Manufacturer Part #: 6100141
Ginormous Time Saver Retail:$478.60/EA Wholesale:$307.67/EA

Ecolab® ZephAir™ - 32 oz., Mountain Mist

Ecolab 12043 Zephair Air Freshener Moutain Mist spray offers a long-lasting gentle soothing and relaxing scent that everyone loves . . . the fanciest hotels know about this little secret weapon . . . to quickly attack and eliminate foul odors fast. Unlike the others which are way too powerful and annoying to sensitive folks, this is delicate and subtle. Zephair stealthily attacks the most horrid, foul odors that threaten your hard-earned image and reputation.  Top Choice:  Resorts & Hotels, Class A Offices, Hospitals, Fitness Centers, Day Care, Schools, Universities, Airports, Theaters, Stadiums, Churches, Country Clubs, Nursing Homes, Restaurants, Museums, Military, etc.

Manufacturer Part #: 12043
Non-Allergenic Retail:$106.47/CS Wholesale:$68.44/CS

Ecolab® ZephAir™ RTU Air & Fabric Refresher - 32 oz.

Ecolab 6100129 Zephair refresher is a commercial-strength air freshener that blasts the nastiest & horrid odors, eliminating them quickly, safely and completely. The tool for tackling food and fitness room odors. Clean White Cotton.

Manufacturer Part #: 6100129
Non-Allergenic Retail:$169.33/CS Wholesale:$75.26/CS