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Ecolab® Solid Metal-Pro® - 8 lb.

Ecolab® Solid Metal-Pro® - 8 lb.

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Maxim® Best Dish Encaps Detergent - 8 lb Jar.

An encapsulated chlorinated detergent for cleaning glass, china and plastic ware in automatic dish machines. Low foaming surfactant, effective in all water conditions. Non staining formula also reduces scale build up. Maintains water jets. 4 per case.

Manufacturer Part #: 322700-40
>> Stops Contamination << Others:$134.00/CS Wholesale:$83.17/CS

Maxim® Encapsulated Metal Safe Dishmachine Detergent-8 lb.

A 100% active, chlorinated detergent for use in automatic dish machines and equipment washers. Easily dispensed through a "bowl" type dispenser. Contains chlorine to aid in destaining and protein removal. Effective in all water conditions. 4 per case.

Manufacturer Part #: 322900-40
>> Stops Contamination << Others:$147.27/CS Wholesale:$91.41/CS

Ecolab® Apex™ Metal Protect - 6.75 lb.

Tough on soils yet gentle on metals. Specially formulated to penetrate and strip away stubborn food soils while protecting your aluminum and other soft metals. Use with the GeoSystem™ 9000 dispensing system.

Manufacturer Part #: 10354
Ginormous Time Saver Others:$352.60/CS Wholesale:$211.56/CS

Ecolab® Apex™ Pot & Pan Soak - 5 lb.

Alkaline formula that removes stubborn, baked-on soils. Formulated to be safe on hands while effectively removing blackened carbonized build-up. Adds metal protection to prolong the life of pots and pans.

Manufacturer Part #: 6100089
Ginormous Time Saver Others:$194.62/CS Wholesale:$116.77/CS

Ecolab® Solid Silver Power® - 8 lb.

Enzyme-activated presoak. Enzymes break down tough protein soils on stainless steel and silver flatware.

Manufacturer Part #: 12922
** On Sale Clearance ** Others:$346.73/CS Wholesale:$173.37/CS